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Do you want more than just enjoying the sceneries at your holiday destination? If yes, then Strasbourg has to be your desired destination because it serves a lot more than just the beauty
This city of France is considered as the seat of various organizations and institutions in Europe including The European Parliament Seat.

Places to visit: The city is the server of architecture and a great history. During many excavations of projects, various historical monuments were found. These monuments are considered as the part of life in the Iron Age, Neothilic age or Bronze Age. This is the reason that the tourists especially who love art keep visiting Strasbourg. Tourists love to anticipate the architectural buildings like the Strasbourg Gothic Cathedral. Many other archaeological museums also attract a large number of audiences. Strasbourg France is famous for its churches also; these churches became popular because of their architecture.

Apart form the Gothic Churches, you can also appreciate modern architecture such as The European Parliament (Strasbourg is the official seat of the European Parliament).  So if you are an art lover and appreciator then you cannot afford to miss a visit to his city at least once in life.
The European Parliament in Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg is the official seat of the European Parliament
The cathedral: The Strasbourg Cathedral is one of the famous facades in Europe. Its west front is finely decorated with the touch of history and arts. This is one of the famous landmarks of Strasbourg. The tourists visiting France want to visit this landmark too.
Strasbourg cathedral, France
Strasbourg Cathedral, France
Hotels in Strasbourg: There are numerous other locations that attract the tourists and bring economy but the best attracting and comforting part of any city is its hotels and restaurants like Régent Petite – Strasbourg, Place Kléber etc. And Strasbourg tops in both the categories. Being the centre of the economy and politics it has to keep it up to the mark, for this purpose the hotels in the city are best at providing you comfort and high quality services. So there’s no need to worry about the hotels.

Restaurants too claim to satisfy you with their food. French cuisine is much like all over the world and people do to have the real taste. However the real taste can only be achieved in the real places that are the French restaurants in this city.
Strasbourg, Petit France
Strasbourg, Petit France
River Rhine: Moreover, the history relates some other locations also of this city like the River Rhine which is also known as the German river. You can get the feeling of the Second World War by just standing on the shore of this river as it plays an important role in giving the birth to a newer continent. River Rhine has a history since Roman times. Hence, Strasbourg is full of history and architecture, the art and history lovers love to visit the city again and again.

Many castles are located in the surroundings of River Rhine. Even a castle is built at the centre of the river for the passer bays to view the beauty with architecture. You can visit a number of beautiful locations around the German River.
River Rhine Water Channel Alsace, Strasbourg France
River Rhine Water Channel Alsace, Strasbourg France
Black Forest: Besides the architecture, the city features the greenery also. Like its black forest which is known to be black for its dark green coniferous trees. If you love nature then you will love this forest which is just a part of wide green Strasburg Black forest is also famous for Cuckoo Clock and colourful native dresses. So if you love nature then you will love this forest which is just a part of wide green Strasbourg.

Forbach Black Forest
Forbach Black Forest in the Strasbourg/Germany Border
Forbach ( for-BAHK, French: [fɔʁbak], German: [ˈfɔʁbax]; Lorraine Franconian: Fuerboch) is a commune in the department of Moselle in the northeastern French region of Grand Est. It is located on the German border approximately 15 minutes from the center of Saarbrücken, Germany, with which it constitutes a cross-border conurbation, and is part of the Saar-Moselle Eurodistrict. In 2017, Forbach had a population of 21,552 inhabitants, which, including its greater urban area, makes it the largest town in the eastern Moselle area.

Before the Schengen Treaty, Forbach was a major border crossing at which customs procedures were carried out, both for road and for rail transport and travel. Here, trains also change track sides from right-hand running (Germany) to left-hand running (France). Since 2007, the TGV and ICE high speed trains connecting Paris and Frankfurt have stopped at the station in Forbach, and passengers can now travel to Paris Gare de l’Est in 1 hour and 45 minutes and to the German financial center and airport in the Frankfurt and Rhine-Main metropolis in 2 hours.

Its location in the Saar-Warndt coal mining basin, which extends into eastern Moselle, made Forbach an important mining town, with offices of the Houillères du Bassin de Lorraine (Lorraine coal mining board), a section of the French Coal Board. When the mining operations were permanently shut down in 2004, Forbach turned to activities in the tourism, service, energy and other industries to rebuild the local economy. The “Musée des Mineurs – Wendel” in the neighboring village of Petite-Rosselle is a coal mining museum which preserves the industrial and cultural heritage from the coal mining era in the Forbach region. It was awarded the “Musées de France” quality label in 2002.