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Whether you are a newlywed couple, or have been married a long time, a vacation can be an amazing opportunity to explore together, connect (or re-connect) and simply enjoy each other’s company. Choosing the right destination for this is important – you want to find a place that will allow you to relax, have fun and have a truly once in a life time experience together.

The perfect romantic holiday destination will be different for every couple and it depends on what the ideal vacation looks like to you. Is your version of bliss lounging on the perfect beach with a cocktail in hand and then heading to the spa for a relaxing massage? Or would you prefer a more adventurous experience liking sailing or scuba diving, or even exploring an exotic, historical city? There is a spot like this for everyone.

So where will you choose for your honeymoon or second honeymoon? We have surveyed some of the most romantic cities, islands and simply beautiful places to give you a guide to choosing the perfect romantic vacation destination.

Who would not fall in love with Paris? The French Capital is known as the “City of Love” – with its romantic streets-capes, beautiful parks and glorious food, and has long been a Favorited destination for honeymooners and couples.


Couples may wander down the famous Champs Elysee to see the historic Arc de Triomphe. Other romantic locations for a stroll include along the river Seine or the gardens of Tuileries, or simply along the city’s many plazas or streets lined with outdoor cafes.

A visit to Paris is not complete without stopping in on one of its many galleries. The most famous is the Louvre, which houses the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo among other masterpieces. Just across the river from the Louvre stands the Notre Dame cathedral, another must-visit.

And of course, who could forget the iconic Eiffel Tower. You may climb the tower for the panoramic view across the city, or choose a visit at night for the spectacular light show.
Accommodation and food.

Paris is divided into a suite of neighborhoods – many of which are charming areas to stay, with a range of budget, mid-range and luxury hotels. The Marais is the city’s ancient Medieval quarter, close to popular attractions and with many hotels. Another popular choice for visitors is Montmartre, Paris’ old bohemian neighborhood, or for a slightly more affordable option still close to the center of things try Montparnasse.

Of course, the food and wine in Paris is legendary – drop into a local brasserie to enjoy traditional bouillabaisse, cheeses and crepes, and pick up fresh baguette and croissants from one of the small bakeries which seem to be on every corner.

Paris, France - Eiffel tower
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Who would not fall in love with Paris? The French Capital is known as the “City of Love” – with its romantic streets-capes, beautiful parks and glorious food, and has long been a Favorited destination for honeymooners and couples.


You could take a romantic stroll through the Piazza San Marco, the most famous square in Venice where you can enjoy the beautiful architecture of old churches and buildings partially submerged. Or give your feet a break and hire a gondola to take you around this beautiful city.
You can also take a short boat trip to nearby islands including Murano, which is famous for its handmade glass and where you can see glass blowers in action and buy their beautiful wares.

Accommodation and food

You can dine in fine Italian restaurants to your heart’s content in Venice. Beautiful restaurants line the Grand Canal, where you can sample traditional dishes from pizza to beautifully prepared meat and seafood. When it comes to something sweeter, gelati shops are scattered all throughout the city for delightful light and fluffy gelati.

A great many hotels can be found in the San Marco district. This neighborhood lies between the famous St Mark’s Square and Accademia, at the heart of the city. This area has luxury (and somewhat expensive hotels) – more reasonably priced and quieter areas to stay are San Polo and Santa Croce.

Venice Italy
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Who would not go crazy with a second honeymoon in Maui and Kauai? For tourists and honeymooners, the Hawaiian Islands offer world-class hotels, and beaches, exquisite meals, and a close experience of paradise.
The U.S. state has 132 outlying islands, but tourists are limited to only 6 islands. A total of seven main islands are inhabited. Oahu (Gathering Place), Molokai (the Friendly Island), Hawaii (Big Island), Kauai (The Garden Island), Maui (Valley Isle), and Ni’ihau (The remote island) Lanai (remote island).


Hawaii is packed with beautiful landscapes and stunning natural features such as waterfalls, volcanoes, rainforests and beaches, which make the perfect romantic backdrop to any trip. Some famous sites include Waimea Canyon, Wailua Falls and Fern Grotto Hanalei. Few experiences are more special than watching the sunrise with that special someone at the island of Maui Magic.

Accommodation and food

The most difficult thing when it comes to Hawaii is choosing which island or islands to visit. Lana’i Island features luxury resorts, while Maui is mecca for beach lovers and surfers. Kaua’i, on the other hand, abounds with natural wonders, and adventures will delight in the volcanic landscape of the Big Island.
Hawaii is also famous for its ‘ono grinds’, or good eats. Hawaiian food offerings include local delights poke and loco moco, top-shelf sushi, Technicolor shave ice and fresh tropical fruits like papaya and mango.

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Bora Bora, French Polynesia
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The most famous of French Polynesia’s many islands, the legendary Bora Bora truly is the stuff dreams are made of. Bora Bora is on the bucket list of many travellers, and once they visit, her beauty does not disappoint. The island is an acclaimed honeymoon destination for good reason – a quiet and secluded tropical paradise which is perfect for spending quality time with your partner.
Bora Bora is located just to the North-West of Tahiti, under an hour’s flight from Papeete. The view from the plane window as you arrive is unforgettable – before you touch down you will be able to see the island’s famous translucent blue lagoon which is almost encircled by the crescent moon shape and soaring mountain peaks of Bora Bora.
Bora Bora is equally suited to those who thrive on activities as it is to those who want to simply take time out and relax. For the former, there is a great variety of water activities: snorkeling, diving, boat trips, fishing, kite surfing, paddle boarding, jet-skiing and shark and ray feeding, all in the pristine and untouched waters of the South Pacific. You can also venture into the main village of Vaitape to shop at local boutiques or enjoy some of the fine local restaurants.
Of course, for those more inclined to simply sit back and relax, there is surely no better place to do this than by the pristine ocean in idyllic Bora Bora.
Bora Bora is famous for its overwater bungalows, which sit out over the crystal blue water on high stilts. Borrowed from traditional types of French Polynesian housing, these bungalows are now the height of luxury with comfortable rooms, and many featuring glass windows looking down onto the marine life in the ocean below.
Many Bora Bora resorts and hotels are built on their own tiny island (or ‘motu’), which is perfect for lounging on your own private deck and receiving room service by outrigger canoe.

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Tahiti, French Polynesia
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Well deserving of its unofficial title ‘Queen of the Pacific’, Tahiti is the largest of the chain of islands making up French Polynesia in the depths of the South Pacific roughly half way between Australia and the USA. Tahiti is the economic Centre of French Polynesia, with the capital city Papeete located on the island, as well as the country’s only international airport. This makes it relatively easy to reach – an un-spoilt, tropical paradise only 8 hours flight from Los Angeles.
However, do not skip over Tahiti as simply a gateway to French Polynesia’s other islands. Tahiti has many charms in itself and is well worth your time and attention, from a bustling harbor city, to a plethora of water sports and activities, to natural wonders such as extinct volcanoes.
The city of Papeete is a lively multicultural city with a busy harbor. You can visit its downtown market, Le Marché, to purchase local Tahitian products such as vanilla beans and monoi oil. In town you can also find the Robert Wan Pearl Museum, the Paul Gauguin Museum, James Norman Hall and the bustling Vai’ete Square, a waterfront promenade which is a great place to spend the evening, eat from gourmet food trucks, and get an idea of local life. If you come in July, you will be treated with the annual Heiva festival, a celebration of Polynesian culture and dance.
The smaller portion of the two halves of Tahiti is the South-Eastern peninsula of Tahiti Iti. Here you will find three extinct volcanic mountains, including Mount Orohena which is the tallest point in French Polynesia, and affords excellent hiking with amazing views. Across the island you will find lush landscapes, hiking trails and quiet beaches. There are also plenty of opportunities for water activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing and surfing, including the famously intense surf beach at Teahupo’o as well as many easier breaks for beginners. Looking to stay on land? You will find one of the island’s only two golf courses, Olivier Bréaud Golf Course, on Tahiti.
Accommodation and Food
The city of Papeete offers some good accommodation options, including the Intercontinental Resort which hosts an authentic Tahitian dance show every Friday and Saturday night. Across the island you will find a variety of mid-range to luxury resorts which afford the opportunity to relax by the ocean.
There are many good restaurants in Papeete as well as in other parts of the island, where you can taste authentic local food which is rich in tropical produce such as coconut milk, mango and papaya. For a more casual experience, head to Vai’ete Square after sunset and sample the gourmet food trucks there, which serve a range of affordable meals including Chinese food, French crépes, steak frites, fresh fish and pizza.
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St Lucia, The Caribbean
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The Caribbean is a dream destination for many, and its white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, luxury resorts and spas live up to expectations. One of the best Caribbean destinations for a honeymoon or romantic getaway is the beautiful island of Saint Lucia.
Saint Lucia features beautiful beaches, natural landscapes and world-class accommodation as well as a range of activities from yoga to scuba diving. It can be reached with ease thanks to two airports, with direct flights to the USA, Canada and Europe. A popular destination for honeymoons, much of the accommodation and activities are geared towards couples, making this an ideal destination.
Saint Lucia is an island paradise, so the main attraction is the natural landscape. Relax on white sandy beaches under the shade of palm trees or take a dip in crystal clear blue waters.
Activities on the island are centered mostly around the sea: with great opportunities for sailing and scuba diving. Of course, it is also the perfect place to simply relax, whether reclined by the pool or next to the sea, or at one of the island’s many spas and wellness centers.
Accommodation and food
The island is blessed with many fine and luxury resorts. You can find good accommodation all over the resort, with Soufriere and Marigot Bay in particular having a large range of hotels and resorts.
Saint Lucia has its own rich cuisine when it comes to food, and you can sample unique local dishes made from locally grown supplies. The island’s rich culinary history takes in Amerindian culture, as well as Afro-Caribbean, French and British influences – making for unique and delicious flavors.
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Zanzibar, Tanzania
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For those with a truly adventurous spirit, why not take your honeymoon or romantic getaway to Africa? Africa is packed with spectacular nature, exotic landscapes and even luxury resorts. Zanzibar in Tanzania brings a fantastic balance of the exotic and luxury: this archipelago of islands is set in the azure Indian ocean and steeped in history and an eclectic mix of cultures.
Zanzibar’s ancient city of Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a charming maze of old buildings and streets. This small city is a lovely place to wander and explore, or take a break from the hot sun with a cool drink at one of its cafes.
The archipelago also offers a number of marine adventures such as island hopping, sailing and scuba diving.
Accommodation and Food
Zanzibar has a number of top-level luxury resorts, including some beautiful places to stay right on the beach at Nungwi and Kendwa, in the northern part of the islands.
Thanks to its turbulent history under many different empires, Zanzibar is a mix of many different cultures, meaning many different types of food can be found here. The local cuisine is a true fusion of Indian, Arab, Chinese, Portuguese and African food – making eating in Zanzibar a true explosion of flavors!
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Fez, Morocco
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Looking for a more adventurous honeymoon destination? Look no further than Morocco – a visit to the city of Fez will transport you back in time. The beautiful medieval city is full of bustling cafes and outdoor markets which give way to a twist of narrow mud-brick streets revealing the breath-taking Moorish architecture of ancient mosques and medersas, historic Islamic schools. The city’s oldest quarter, Fez el-Bali is the world’s largest pedestrian urban space (there are no cars allowed) and is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Fez has only recently been discovered by tourists and it remains largely untouched by the West, meaning you get a real glimpse of Moroccan life as it was over 1000 years ago.
The city features many historic mosques build in the Moorish architectural style, however only people of the Muslim faith are allowed to visit them. All are welcome, however, to visit the medersas (Islamic schools) Medersa Bou Inania and Medersa el-Attarine. Both of these are fine examples of Islamic architecture featuring complex stucco designs and colorful tile work.
You may also visit the bustling Medina market where you will find Bab Mansour, an impressive marble gate decorated with mosaic. In the so-called newer part of Fez, Fez el-Jdid, which is still hundreds of years old, you may visit the Jewish Quarter, the Batha Museum or find some peaceful relief from the city in the Jnane Sbil gardens.
Accommodation and Food
Consider staying in the spectacular Venus Hotel – its interior is a true work of art! If you prefer to stay outside the hustle and bustle of the city, the nearby Atlas Mountains have many resorts which offer beautiful views.
Fez is a melting-pot of cultures which has simmered together for centuries, and this is reflected in the food – you can find traditional Fassi-Moroccan food at its restaurants and cafes, as well as good examples of Mediterranean, French and Middle Eastern cuisine.
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Cinque Terre, Italy
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Cinque Terre is a series of five villages on the rugged Mediterranean coastline of the Italian Riviera and are widely recognized as the jewel of its spectacular crown. Although no longer the isolated fishing hamlets they once were, these village retain their rustic charm and feeling of remoteness, only reachable by a few coastal roads and mountain trails, and are a beautiful and romantic destination all-year round.
Perhaps the most famous of the five villages, Portofino offers truly spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Another of the five, Vernazza, is a beautiful spot to relax on the plaza with a good meal or a glass of wine. The largest village, Riomaggiore, offers a stunning panorama of pastel buildings climbing up the cliffs from its tiny harbour.
High up on top of the cliffs above each village is an ancient sanctuary which were built long-ago as a religious retreat. You can climb up the walking paths to each, giving you the opportunity to connect with nature and glimpse the stunning views below. Do not miss a visit to the Hanbury Botanical Garden, the view across the sea is superb.
Accommodation and Food
Hotels in Cinque Terre are often booked out and can be expensive, so be sure to secure your booking well in advance. There are good options to suit a range of budgets, from the affordable La Mala in Vernazza or Ostello 5 Terre in Manarola, to La Toretta Charme & Relax, a fabulous 5 star resort with luxurious rooms and spectacular views.
All of the villages offer fine dining restaurants where you can indulge in authentic Italian cuisine. You can also sample the local snack food, mostly fried bite-sized seafood, at local ‘friggitorias’. It is worth sampling the locally produced Cinque Terra DOC wine, Sciacchetra, which is grown around the village of Manarola. The wine is dry and aromatic and while enjoying it you’ll also be supporting local small-scale winemakers!
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Bruges, Belgium
This romantic European city seems straight out of a fairytale. Its medieval building, cobblestone streets and relaxed air makes Bruges the perfect place to wander. Steeped in history, the city features many beautiful buildings and landmarks, fine hotels and good food.
To take in a spectacular panoramic view of Bruges climb the Belfort Tower. From there you will be able to see the city’s many landmarks, such as the Belfry of Bruges, the Basilica of the Holy Blood and the Church of Our Lady, which are also worth a visit. You can also take an unforgettable carriage ride to the Monastery at Beguinage.
Accommodation and Food
Bruges boasts a number of luxury hotels, including the incredibly chic Hotel De Tuilerieen.
The city is packed with cafes and restaurants, and in the Summer you may pass a pleasant afternoon sitting on the sidewalk at one of these cafes enjoying some of the huge array of local craft beer. Of course a visit to Belgium would not be complete without sampling famous Belgian chocolate which can be found at many speciality stores as well as cafes and restaurants around the city.
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Santorini, Greece
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Santorini is a scene right off a poster: whitewashed buildings with perfect blue roofs sit atop soaring cliffs high above the azure blue sea. It is a good choice to visit around Valentines Day, as this is early enough in the year that it is not yet flooded with the tourists who come in the Summertime, but the mild Mediterranean climate making the weather pleasant and sunny.
The Western side of the island is where you can find scenic villages perched atop soaring cliff-tops with spectacular views across the sea. On this coast the island’s bustling capital Fira gives way to the villages of Firostefani, Imerovigli, and further north the beautiful village of Oia. Oia is perennially popular with tourists with its classic whitewashed cliff-top buildings. You can also visit the South of the island for impressive views of the cliffs and villages from below. The Eastern and Southern coasts of Santorini feature some lovely beaches, some with black volcanic sand and others with famous multi-coloured sand.
In the interior of the island you can tour the many vineyards, or visit the fortress-city of Pyrgos is famous for having more churches than houses, as well as architecture which has been adapted to the rocky relief of the island and is truly impressive.
Accommodation and Food
Staying in one of the cliff-top villages of Fira, Oia, Imeroviglli and Firostafani, will allow you to enjoy their spectacular views across the ocean. Each of these have a number of luxury hotels, as well as some more moderately-priced, the cheaper accommodations being found away from the cliff edge.
While in Santorini you may sample delicious Greek dishes such as Gefthedes, fried Saganaki cheese, Kofta and Fava me Koukia, a dish of mashed fava beans.