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Iceland is an ideal destination for today’s active tourist. Plenty of things to do are offered all over Iceland. These vacation activities includes river rafting, hiking, glacier tours, fishing, horseback riding, boat tours, bird/whale watching and swimming...

ICELAND ~ Photo Credits: Alessio Maffeis via Flickr

Whale watching

The cool clear North Atlantic encircling Iceland is teeming with whales of various sizes and species. Already thousands of tourists have enjoyed whale watching from various sites around the country. The whale watching ports are all around the coastline.

things to do in Iceland
Iceland Whale Watching Tour - Photo Credits: Alessio Maffeis via Flickr

Bird Watching

Some places in Iceland are a paradise for bird-watchers. Látrabjarg in the West Fjords is the largest bird cliff known in the world. A great variety of cliff-nesting species can be found there, including the largest razorbill colony in the world. The Westman Islands are known for many kinds of seabirds, and are home to Iceland’s largest puffin population. Lake Mývatn in the north has more species of breeding ducks than any other place in Europe. The great skua colony on the sands in south Iceland is the largest in the world. Seabirds such as puffins can be seen in many places, as well as eiders, Arctic terns, waders and passerine birds. Some tour operators organize tours for bird-watchers in early summer.

Westman Island, Iceland - Puffin - Image credits: Luca Venturi via Flickr

Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls in South Iceland

Some places that we were given seem to have been created especially to give us the possibility to relax and enjoy the beauty of this world. Stunning mountains, wonderful beaches, rain forests are what we look for when we want to disconnect from our daily routine and responsibilities. Many of us choose to spend holidays in the middle of nature and thus get a full battery charge. Well, Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls in south Iceland is such a place where words seem to be useless.

Iceland is well-known for its waterfalls and the most notable of them is Seljalandsfoss. The country has a north Arctic climate which is the reason why it rains so frequently and why there’s so much snow. There are many large glaciers in Iceland due to its near-Arctic location. During summer, these melt and thus feed many rivers. And that makes Iceland home to a great number of waterfalls.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls Iceland
Seljalandsfoss, Suðurland, Iceland - image credits: Diego Delso [, License CC-BY-SA]


More than half of Iceland is over 400 m above sea level, and a large part of the island is covered by lava, glaciers, lakes and sand. Few places in Iceland have marked walking paths, but hiking is a favorited pastime for Icelanders and tourists alike.

Horse Riding

Numerous farms and tour operators throughout Iceland offer horse riding tours from 1 hour up to 10 days.


Winter skiing is available in many parts of the country. Skiing resorts with both cross-country and downhill skiing are found throughout Iceland.

Cycling – Mountain biking

Bikes can be rented in Reykjavík and in various places around Iceland. For further information on biking tours please contact travel agencies or tourist information centers.

Fishing and Hunting

Iceland is famous for its salmon and trout fishing. The main season for salmon fishing is from around June 20th to mid-September. Trout fishing varies from one river/lake to the next, but the normal season is from April/May until late September/October. During winter, ice-fishing is quite popular. For salmon fishing, permits must be reserved well in advance, but trout fishing permits can be obtained at short notice, often the same day.

Sea Angling

Sea angling is also becoming a popular sport in Iceland. The season begins late in May and lasts until the end of August with several tournaments in different parts of the country. For further information please contact local tourist information centers and travel agencies.


On inland waterways, gentle bays or wild shores.

Glacier Tours

Tours on a glacier with snowmobiles or super-jeep is an unforgettable experience – whatever the season.


All the major golf courses in Iceland are open to visitors. Green fees are moderate.

Midnight Golf in Iceland — The Arctic Open:

At Akureyri Golf Club in the north, golf can be played with the sun shining at midnight. At the end of June, a 36-hole open international match is held. Tee-off is just before midnight and playing continues until the early hours of the morning.

Reykjavík Marathon

The Reykjavík Marathon is an international and annual event.

River rafting

Thrills and spills in swirling glacial waters.

Jet boating

A new and exciting thing in Icelandic recreation is jet-boating. The boats are specially designed to navigate rivers at high speed and do 360° turns thus making it an adrenalin-pumping trip and great fun for all.


Swimming is a very popular activity all year round in Iceland. Most towns and villages have outdoor or indoor swimming pools filled with water from natural hot springs. The temperature of the water in the pools is about 29 degrees Celsius. In many places there are also saunas, a jacuzzi, solarium and hot pots with temperatures ranging from 36 to 44 degrees Celsius.