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We don’t know how many of you know that this region is known as "the land of smiles”. Learn more curiosities about these places that seem detached from Heaven.

Thais are not the happiest people in the world because poverty levels are alarming in some areas, and the difference between social classes give rise to incredible ‘landscapes’ in some cases, with people living on the poverty line near luxurious skyscrapers, but they managed to make a brand of smile country. Because here every inhabitant that you as a tourist will meet, will unmistakably smile to you (Hence The Land of Smiles).

The Land of Smiles
The boulder of the Loh Samah bay at Koh Phi Phi Leh | Credits: Алексей Коптелов via Wikimedia Commons

This is how they are, Thais know how to smile and offer a pleasant company to any stranger in search of “exotic”. Thailand is truly a land of contrasts, but also a blessed land, because the places here seem detached from Heaven.

However, if you decide to visit these places it is good to know that, like in any other foreign culture, there are some rules that you should take them seriously.
  • – Take note that in Thailand any insults to the royal family is a crime.
  • – If you are invited into a house of ordinary people, you will be surprised when the host will request permits to any spirit (in general ancestors) for your visit.
  • – Take care to not point the finger. Thais consider this gesture offensive.
  • – Try as much as possible to not touch anyone’s head around you in public. This is a prohibited gesture.
  • – Thais believe that feet are “the dirtiest part of the body”, so try not to show up too much this part and especially do not forget to take your shoes off in any room.
  • – If you’re a woman you should take into account two things: never touch a Buddhist monk and always wear a bra.
Nangyuan Koh Nang Yuan Thailand Koh Tao Beach
Nangyuan Koh Nang Yuan Thailand Koh Tao Beach