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Hallstatt is a village on Lake Hallstatt's western shore in Austria's mountainous Salzkammergut region. Its 16th-century Alpine houses and alleyways are home to cafes and shops. A funicular railway connects to Salzwelten, an ancient salt mine with a subterranean salt lake, and to Skywalk Hallstatt viewing platform. A trail leads to the Echern Valley glacier garden with glacial potholes and Waldbachstrub Waterfall.

Hallstatt, Austria ~ Photo Credits: Kevin Poh via Flickr

Have you thought about a route or a destination for this Summer vacation? If not, we can recommend you visit Hallstatt this upcoming holiday to see some of the best attractions Austria has to offer. This beautiful country of mountains, forests, palaces which inspired great musicians like Richard Wagneer or Amadeus Mozart has plenty to offer for curious eyes. 

Tourists all over the world flock to Austria to see the crown of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and the capital of culture and music. With the Alps nearby, this country is appropriate for holidays at the mountains or city breaks to some of its biggest and famous cities. Besides tourist hot spots like Vienna or Salzburg, Austria has an amazing countryside and landscapes like take out of tales and stories, such a place is Hallstatt-Dachstein Salzkammergut.

Visit Hallstatt a place with magnificent natural landscape whose salt deposits have been exploited since the second millennium BC. The prosperity of this place and land reflects in its architecture, history culture art and nonetheless people. 

This historic landmark and prosperous town has been maintained to its beautiful self and it became part of the UNESCO world heritage. Hallstatt gets its name from an early Iron Age culture between 800 and 400 BC and the town alone is considered to be one of the oldest still inhabited places in Europe bearing a grandiose historical background. Besides the historic facts you should visit Hallstatt and spend your Summer vacation there for its picturesque scenery.

Its location in the narrow west bank of Hallstattersee lets you admire the rising mountain behind it. Some travel bloggers consider it to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth and the locals call it the pearl of Austria. 

If you are from the old continent you can get to Hallstatt by train, bus or car. If you are from the US you can get a plane to Vienna then take the main train line that connects Vienna with Salzburg then switch to the train that goes South of Bad Ischl and you will arrive at the Hallstatt station. Once you get there you can take the time to admire the amazing landscape go hiking, trekking or take evening walks on the shore of Hallstatt Lake.

Besides sport activities you can visit the salt caves, the ice caves or the village museum. If you are on vacation with your children, you can take them on a boat ride or let them play in a playground arranged near the lake that has a beautiful view of the town. 

Visit Hallstatt without a care in the world since there are plenty of places for accommodation like many bed and breakfasts, five big hotels and over 300 restaurants where you can experience some of the local cuisine and drink local Fassbier which is a beer produced in Salzburg.