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Trajan’s Arch, Algeria – Image credits: Habib Kaki via Wikimedia Commons

Near the town of Batna, lie the ruins of a once prosperous city called Timgad. The buildings and other structures were preserved in perfect condition, surviving the weather over the centuries. In 1983, UNESCO declared this jewel of Algeria, a World Heritage Site. 

Taking a walk on the pathways of this Roman city, you feel like you’re going in the past, and catch a glimpse of the Roman design style and architecture.

Timgad Algeria Ruins
Roman Ruins of Timgad, Algeria - Image credits: Alioueche Mokhtar via Wikimedia Commons

The Romans chose to build Timgad here because there was more than enough water from the mountains and fertile lands gave farmers plenty of food.

The city was abandoned by the seventh century, but it was rediscovered in 1881. Timgad reflects the influence of the Roman Empire in Algeria, and the amazing wonders they left behind.

Timgad Amphitheater
Timgad Amphitheater, Algeria - Image credits: Habib Kaki via Wikimedia Commons

Over the centuries, the trees were removed, the land was exploited and the water soon dried up. Today, the theater is still used, and important features that rise from the sand include Trajan’s Arch (triumphal arch), Corinthian colonnade, Capitoline temple, library and basilica.