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Maldives travel tips that will help you organize the perfect exotic vacation you always dreamt of
Maldives Wasserbungalow image credit: Falco Ermert via Flickr

Maldives travel tips that will help you organize the perfect exotic vacation you always dreamt of. No doubt about it that you have dreamt of the kind of exotic getaway that you only saw in movies or in the celebrities magazines. Now, it is not so hard to book a nice accommodation and hit the beaches of the Maldives. Although you might be concerned weather the place is safe according to the geographical region it is situated and the type of religion of the place, you needn’t worry since the islands work on a whole other schedule than the main borders. Plus Maldive travel tips will help you know exactly what to do and where to go to enjoy the most of your tropical experience.

For starters what you should know is that the Maldives is a romantic place full of love, usually couple have romantic getaways here, or come for their honeymoons or to renew their vows or even to catch a break with their loved ones. Thus the place breathes and talks romantic so it is pretty much booked all year round. This is good since the accommodation prices are going down, the many the better, so they say, so you stay will not have a necessarily huge cost.s

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Usually the best places are not the cheap ones but you can find what you are looking for at an average rate. For instance the petite Makunudu island is peaceful quiet no loud music and it hosts its guests in traditional houses placed along the beach.

Maldives travel tips will help you make an accurate itinerary of the island, get the top experiences, choose the best resort or diving, snorkeling and surfing areas. Should you a cruise to the Maldives you can choose from the cheapest, the Maldive Dhoni Cruise  or the most expensive Pearls of the Indian Ocean cruise that lasts 15 days.

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If you are questioning whether to go to Thai, Indian or pizza for dinner let us help you out with a few tips for restaurants. 

The ones that serve international cuisine: Aioli, Seahorse, Seagull Cafe House and Shell Beans 

The one that serves Indian cuisine: Symphony

The Thai ones:Thai Wok and Sala Thai and for a good cafe we recommend Raanbaa.

For those of you who also want to work out a bit and do some sport while on vacation there are many Maldives travel tip that recommend certain water sports locations like Manta Reef, Kuda Giri, Devana Kandu, Fish Head or British Loyalty Wreck. 

As for sights in the Maldives, there are plenty to please even the picky tourist. Check out the whale Submarine, or the Hukuru Miskiiy the oldest mosque in the country dating back to 1656, the National Museum, the National Art Gallery, Sultan’s Park and the local markets.