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Corvin Castle Romania

5 Interesting Facts about the Corvin Castle in Romania

The Corvin Castle is one of the most interesting and mysterious castles in Eastern Europe. Situated in Hunedoara, Romania, it first served as a fort and later on it became the residence of a nobleman. Its well preserved architecture is a good example of Gothic architecture in Romania during the middle ages.

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Kilkenny Castle Ireland


Ireland needs no further description. We all know what this beautiful land is about and still we can’t help saying that the country is a must-see. The reasons? Various. To put it simply, the unique elements of the Irish culture make the place a compulsory item on your to-visit list.

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Amsterdam, Hard Rock Cafe

Discover Culinary Amsterdam: Things to do in one day

The 9 Streets is a collective name given to the nine cosy and picturesque shopping streets in the Unesco Heritage listed Amsterdam Canal Belt. These nine little streets run between Raadhuisstraat and Leidsestraat, just a few minutes walk behind the Royal Palace at the Dam Square

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