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Ireland needs no further description. We all know what this beautiful land is about and still we can’t help saying that the country is a must-see. The reasons? Various. To put it simply, the unique elements of the Irish culture make the place a compulsory item on your to-visit list.


Whether we’re talking about Irish folklore, music or culinary particularities, Ireland has so much to offer. Many of its places are easy on a tourist’s eyes. Well, we won’t mention all of the tourist spots today. We’ll stick to one and that is Kilkenny Castle.
Kilkenny Castle Ireland

One of Ireland’s most important castles, Kilkenny Castle attracts people from all over the world. Those of you interested in architecture as well as history will find the place more than pleasing. 


Overlooking the River Nore, Kilkenny Castle comes with quite some history. 900 years of guarding the river just mentioned means a lot of events and people crossing its threshold. Such a place hosts some sort of weight, one that dresses the visitor with a unique experience. Add a few wondrous halls and chambers of unique decor and there you go: top destination!

Kilkenny Castle Ireland
Kilkenny Castle, Ireland | Image Credits - Aldebaran via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0 ]
Built for William Marshal, 4th Earl of Pembroke (c.1146-1219) in the 13th century, Kilkenny Castle offers visitors splendid gardens with extensive woodland paths, flowers and an ornamental lake. Just perfect for a walk. Witnessing a considerable number of important historical events, Kilkenny Castle has changed its appearance over time. One of the initial walls has disappeared during the 1650 Cromwellian siege of Ireland. Some of its inhabitants and owners brought their own contribution to the way the castle looked. What we see today is a blend of architectural styles mixed in a Medieval, even romanticized, fashion.
Kilkenny Castle interior
Kilkenny Castle, Ireland | Image Credits: Gerd Eichmann via Wikimedia Commons [ CC BY-SA 4.0]

Try the place and you will be touched by history and this unique medley of styles. The castle houses a significant Art Gallery, decorations and furnishings that make for quite a feast for the eyes as well as intriguing medieval spaces beneath the ground floor of the present building. 


Each part of the building tells something about its past. The Castle Gateway, the Entrance Corridor, the Medieval Room, the Terrace Corridor, the courtyard, the Dining Room and the rest are worth every second and penny. Until you set foot there, we’ve got some pictures to tell you more about it!