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As in Vietnam, the climate in Italy has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. And depending on each season, Italy has its own unique and beautiful features. So, any time of the year in Italy will also enjoy the beautiful scenery is not 2 in this famous tourist destination. However, if you want to admire the beauty of the dream, the beauty of Italy full of passion, then you should in the spring or fall. At this time of year, travelers can easily book airfare to Italy. Come to Italy this time, not only to admire the beauty of the sky, but also to have the opportunity to participate in many exciting festivals are taking place at this time.

Flights to Italy

Where should it be when traveling in Italy?

With a great and interesting trip to Italy, do not let your worries about accommodation lose your eagerness and time to rest and explore. Here are some hotels that you should refer to when booking airfare to Italy.

Domus Roxy Guest House

1 km from the city center, the Domus Roxy Guest House offers an extremely convenient location for traveling to popular destinations. Not only that, with modern design, luxury, comfort and luxury, this hotel promises to bring visitors modern living space but also extremely comfortable, bring you moments Great, relaxing.

Melting Pot Rome Hostel

Melting Pot Rome Hostel is also one of the high-end hotels that we would like to introduce to travelers on this itinerary in Italy. The 10 fully equipped rooms and facilities are sure to be an excellent stopover and ideal for travelers. Not only that, this hotel also organizes regular activities, entertainment and entertainment will bring you a very new and impressive experience.

Unique and unique tourist destinations are only available in Italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa

As the symbol and pride of the Italians, Leaning Tower is one of the most popular tourist destinations that any visitor should not miss when coming to Italy, especially with tourists who have been hunting Cheap airfare to Italy this season.

Situated in the famous and proud city of Pisa, the leaning tower of Pisa attracts visitors not only by the very unique architecture, bearing the hallmark of Italian history in the early 12th century, but also attracted by the extremely amazing angle, extremely wonderful is 3.9 degrees.

Not only that, at the leaning tower, visitors can admire the complete beauty and prosperity of the city of Pisa with its unique architecture and bustling modern life here.

Visiting the leaning tower, watching the beautiful city and enjoying a plate of Italian pasta and a delicious wine, it is no longer happy and wonderful.

Trevi Fountain

Known as the great masterpiece of all mankind, Trevi Fountain is always a destination that many visitors eagerly expect and set foot in Italy.

Come here, when you first admire the beauty of the heart, attractive beauty of it, then surely you will have to admire and admire the hands of creative, subtle human creation. such masterpieces.

Come to the Trevi Fountain, do not forget to bring a penny, because in the opinion of the people here if throwing this coin into the fountain all your wishes and aspirations will be realized. Because of this attraction, Trevi fountain is always a top destination that many visitors choose and love.

Spanish Steps

For only $ 346 for cheap airfare to Italy, you will see one of the most beautiful ladder in the world named Spanish ladder.

In Italy, there are many steps, but there is no ladder of beauty and romance as attractive here. Here, visitors have the opportunity to catch the famous poets and writers. In addition, this is also a place that many visitors choose to admire the beauty of Rome as the sunset falls, tinged with the sky and the city, extremely romantic and charming.

It will be even better if you save beautiful pictures taken at this attractive tourist destination.

Italy – a trip you should not miss

With attractive and attractive features, surely make you a dream image of Italy, beautiful in the eyes of visitors. So do not hesitate anymore but do not carry balo and go to Italy to admire the magnificent beauty of this famous land of tourism.