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This Summer vacation, take a trip with your family or friends and discover the beautiful European countries and their cultural diversity. Get a hint of how it feels to be a local by visiting the best free attractions those cities have to offer. 

When you think of a vacation or holiday you don’t necessarily have to think of expensive trips and travels, there are important tourist sites and hot spots in major cities which happen to be free of charge and available for all tourists.

For instance if you visit the countries of the old continent, you will find interesting and free attractions in pretty much all major cities. Of course, you will say the best stuff is never free but if you are travelling on a budget visiting or attending free sites will help you ease your travel expenses. 

Below, we will present a list of 10 best free attractions to visit while you are spending your Summer vacation in Europe.

Concertgebouw Amsterdam

First of best free attractions is Free concerts in Amsterdam in The Netherlands
Amsterdam is a cultural capital and home to hundreds of famous museums which can be a bit too expensive if you plan to visit most of them. However, during lunchtime between 12:30 and 1 pm you can indulge yourself with a musical treat for free at the Concertgebouw and Muziektheater. From September to June there is an orchestra that performs free concerts for the gathered audience.

The Concertgewbouw in Amsterdam
The Concertgewbouw in Amsterdam - Image credits: Sebastian Koppehel via Wikimedia Commons

Concert in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy

Venice is an outdoors museum and we know things can get a bit pricey. But, you can enjoy a beautiful string quartet performing live in St. Mark’s Square right in the heart of a beautiful Venetian square surrounded by vintage architecture

St Marks Square, Venice Italy - Image credits: Tambako the Jaguar via Flickr

British Museum in London

Fond of museums? have no fear The museum of London, also called the British museum is free. Actually this magnificent museum is one of the best free attractions of London. Visit this amazing place that has dinosaur skeletons, a whole sector dedicated to ancient Egypt and much much more!

London British Museum - Image credits: Victoria Rachitzky Hoch via Flickr

The Glockenspiel clock in Munich

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, one of the richest and most beautiful parts of Germany. This place is packed with castles and beautiful churches and cathedrals, a legacy from the ancestors. One of the most famous tourist site is the Glockenspiel clock in Marienplatz square and the best news is, it is free of charge. You can go up in the tower and get a beautiful aerial view of Munich for free.

Rathaus Glockenspiel
Rathaus-Glockenspiel, Munich - Image credits: Nicole June/ via Flickr

Charles Bridge in Prague

One of the oldest and certainly the most popular bridges over the Vltava river in Prague is Charles Bridge. It unites the old town center with the streets of Prague Castle and the place has a never-ending stream of tourists every year.

Charles Bridge, Prague - Image credits: Gilbert Sopakuwa via Flickr

The Pantheon in Rome

Rome the capital of the Roman Empire can get a little hard to bear on the wallet but luckily there are a few hot spots which happen to be free, like The Pantheon.

The Pantheon Rome
The Pantheon, Rome - Image credits: Diana Robinson via Flickr

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

Beautiful Paris has a few best free attractions of its own, like the Notre Dame Cathedral. This famous and amazingly looking cathedral which speaks of the cultural influences of Paris is free to visit and discover, you can even participate in a mass if you wish.

Notre Dame Cathedral France
Notre Dame Cathedral - Image credits: Simon Q via Flickr

Louvre museum in Paris

On the 8th place of the best free attractions in Europe lies one of the biggest and certainly most important museums of the world, the Louvre. This place of magnificent culture and art is free for those who want to enrich their culture and see some of the best paintings humanity has to offer.

Louvre Museum - Image credits: Pedro Szekely via Flickr

The Berlin Wall in Berlin

The Berlin Wall
Berlin's Wall - Image credits: Tony Webster via Flickr

Once, this huge concrete wall separated the German capital in two, the East vs. the West. Today you can visit the East side Gallery or the remains of the wall in Potsdamer Platz for free. It is a constant reminder of the tragedy this country has been through after the second world war. Famous artists came here to paint the wall and this is how it became an art gallery.

Reichstag building in Berlin

Another Berlin attraction enters our top of best free attractions in Europe. The Reichstag building is the building of the old German chancellery and the current place of the parliament. The whole building was renovated and restructured. They maintained the facade while the interior was replaced with high tech and modern features.
Berlin Reichstag building
Berlin's Reichstag building - Image credits: Avda /